what’s to say?

2 09 2009

Bow Ties Are So Next-Level

1 09 2009

Alright, so 20+ years ago Apple made this “vision of the future” video. In it, we learn 3 very important lessons about technology.

1. Apple will finally give up one the one-button mouse

2. They will never give up on the Trash Can icon

3. Recognize the bow ties

german biker chicks

21 08 2009

Yeah, I know the title is a bit misleading, but this shit is crazy with 8 As.

wild things

21 08 2009

I’d heard the movie wasn’t supposed to be that good, but the trailer looks pretty good to me.

i dare you to do better

19 08 2009

Fatal Farm shorts made for (and rejected from) the 2009 MTV Movie Awards.

New Mike Judge movie

19 08 2009

Looks like there’s a new Mike Judge movie. Got to say it’s a really good look for Ben Affleck.

chimp on a segway

19 12 2008