23 06 2008

Aeon - Now Playing

XBMC (formerly Xbox Media Center) is probably the best media center in existence, as long as you don’t need integrated DVR functionality – though it will interface with Myth on linux. The best skin, in my opinion, is Aeon. It combines innovative views with slick animations to take Media Center interfaces to a new level. After a short hiatus, development on Aeon has restarted at full steam and Alpha 11a was released this weekend. The developer even provides free HD quality backdrops and posters for use with his interface.

Aeon - Showcase



22 06 2008

my tags via wordle

Wordle is a neat little image generator that will take any text as input, or link into your tags. If you choose to print the image, you can get a vector PDF. (Though on Windows, you’ll need something like PDFCreator to generate it.)