I Can’t Tell If…pt. 1

3 10 2009

I can’t tell if this is totally badass, or on some shitty “So You Think You Can Dance” bullshit. I mean, quit dancing around and jumping on stuff like an 8 year old. But I gotta admit, I wish I had jungle gym skillz like these Frenchies.

This is why nobody gives a fuck about the Olympics (sorry Chicago? seeing how we didn’t get them). While the IOC is busy with all their tight-ass rules and parallel bars and shit, they need to go next level and shove a fucking geodesic octo-dome in there and let like 5 people do this parkour shit on there at the same time. That’s what the people want to see, not this stupid shit:


*^#&@! baseball

2 10 2009

if they are not a customer breaka their window!

2 10 2009

All the new frontiers are blazed with porn

30 09 2009

So in my History of User Interaction class, we’re learning all about interaction, mixed reality, haptic feedback devices, the uncanny valley, multi-modal input, etc., etc., etc. This device kinda encapsulates it all, and at on $149? Seriously, this is some next level technology at previous level prices

ps-how awkward would the training for this sales rep be? How would you place the Craigslist ad for this job?

Fuck yo’ Chimney Starter

19 09 2009

Run this shit! Nahmean?

they take them on field trips?

18 09 2009

“Insane Killer Escapes During Mental Institution’s Field Trip”

iguana time

18 09 2009

“Werner was very devoted to his iguanas,” Cage said dryly at a TIFF news conference yesterday.

“We had a midway wrap party and Werner was at the bar, very unsettled, because he might not get the three minutes of iguana time he needed, and he said he might never make another movie again. I thought that would really be a shame.”