White folks ruin everything

24 11 2009

See, this is the problem…they’re focusing on hugs, when teenagers be fuckin. They need to get they priorities straight.


That’s not a Knife

23 10 2009

I don’t know what to say. One of the best videos ever.

Yeah…My Knot’s Thick

15 10 2009

Ok, seriously, I can barely tie a tie. I had no idea there were FIVE separate ways to tie them shits. Fuck that, gimme the clip-on.

dedication is…

10 10 2009

Putting this much effort into your $5/hour job:

Apparently there’s a whole shitload of these sign spinning videos on youtube. This is an interview with the founder of the company that dude in the first video is employed by. My favorite part is around 1:20 when they start interviewing “the performer”.

everyone’s out of a job

6 10 2009

Computers taking this shit over. Seriously, watch the video. I want this so badly.

this one won’t make you throw up…

5 10 2009

I Can’t Tell If…pt. 2

3 10 2009

I can’t tell if Ice Cube is more awesome with an AK-47 in some 80s, wood-paneled gang house with that dude from Cypress Hill, or O’Shea Jackson (real name) chilling with the fishing pole like a retired white dude and his grandson.